Mossman Texas Plains Custom Acoustic Guitar

Mossman has been around since the 1960s and their craftsmanship is known far and wide, especially with bluegrass and folk musicians.

We are proud to be a Mossman Dealer as well as a Mossman Warranty Repair Service Center.

This Custom Mossman Texas Plains is a dreadnought size acoustic guitar. It includes rare 100-year-old Honduras mahogany (harvested decades ago - before modern conservation practices) top and sides. The back is a beautiful 3 piece rosewood. This guitar also includes an ebony fingerboard and bridge, a bone nut and saddle, herringbone purfling and rosette, and Parisian Eye ebony bridge pins.  A hardshell case is also included.

A note about the instruments we sell:

Here at Bucks County Folk Music Shop we take the time to carefully inspect and set-up each and every instrument we receive. We make certain that our instruments are set for ease of playability BEFORE we offer them for sale.

Why is this important?  Imagine purchasing a bicycle, unaware that it has a loose chain or faulty brakes.  How easy will it be to ride?  How long will you struggle to ride it before you give up?  We want you to enjoy and play your new instrument!

Therefore, we employ folks that are skilled in instrument repair and are also proficient musicians. When an instrument arrives at our door we always:

1. Perform a thorough visual and hands-on inspection that includes carefully examining the outside and the inside of each instrument.

2. Spend time purposefully playing each instrument to hear how it sounds and know how it feels.

3. If needed, we will perform any minor adjustments and when we are confident that an instrument is in optimal playable condition, only then do we know it is ready for our customers.

Very few music stores will take the time or have employees with the necessary skills to complete this type of inspection and set-up, yet it is so important - regardless of the player's skill level.  Just ask the beginning guitar player whose action was too high and found it too painful to play or the advanced banjo player whose banjo head wasn't properly seated and couldn't understand why his playing sounded dull and flat.

An instrument that has not been inspected or set-up may sell for less, but it sets the unsuspecting player up to FAIL!  And what is the value in that?

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Dennis Schut
    You state that the guitar includes rare 100-year-old Honduras mahogany top and sides, but according to the photos that is WRONG information, I don't mahogany at all on top nor sides. Top seems to be spruce and the sides Rosewood!The back is a beautiful 3 piece rosewood - that seems possible. It is not explained why this Texas Plains custom is so much more expensive than the other Texas Plains model. The guitar descriptions are really lacking valuable information for potential buyers. That's a pity.

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